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Since we updated our website earlier this year it has felt like there was something missing, and I think it’s that we are not actively using it to keep in touch with people.

Despite appearances to the contrary not EVERYONE uses Twitter, Instagram or Facebook so I reckon there is an audience out there who won't know what our latest products are, or what we are up to… but might like to!  Though we have lots of loyal, local customers we also have friends all over the country, and indeed all over the world, and using the website to keep in touch sounds like a good plan to me!

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So - taking inspiration from one of our brand new cards from the lovely Angela Chick, I had a little rummage around behind the scenes of our website, and a blog page seemed to be the best option.  Plus it gives me more characters to play with than Twitter, is less irritating to use than Facebook, and feels less pressurised than Instagram's images of perfection.  Because perfect we certainly are not!  But I think I CAN add images which I will experiment with below...hopefully it will show the lovely weather today here in Bath Place...

In the meantime, what can you expect from this page?  Well, updates on new stock in the shop and new artists in the gallery.  What we are up to, perhaps, and a bit more information about my lovely colleagues.  What would be particularly lovely is if you the reader tell us what you would like from us, and I’ll see what we can do.

For now I will see if I can add those photos, and work out how to make sure you can add comments and leave it at that.  Look forward to hearing from you!




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  1. Mrs Ginger Fig

    Hmmm I haven?t quite figured out how to or whether I can reply to individual comments but this is a thank you to Angela, Anne and Justine for their kind words!

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  2. Justine

    Brilliant visit to the shop today. Really enjoyed being able to visit the gallery and find exactly what I needed! Thanks again for the wonderful welcome!

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  3. Anne Jones

    It will be lovely to keep up to date with things in the shop as I?m not on the doorstep to visit often!

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  4. Angela Chick

    How exciting Catherine! Thanks so much for sharing. Well done on a brilliantly productive day! ?

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  5. Mrs Ginger Fig

    Why thank you kind Mrs V! I shall hope to live up to your expectations...

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  6. Mrs V

    I look forward to many more posts about the lovely gang at gfig and all their lovely stock. Xx

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