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I know it's a bit late for those New Year resolutions but we've decided that we really must keep this more up-to-date. We will aim to keep you informed of all our goings on but in the meantime a little bit of a teaser for you... We've been getting creative, working out details for our summer show case which will involve British designers - but that's all we are saying for now!

Off to another trade fair...

Just to let you know that on Monday 6th February we will be closed for the day as B and I are off to Spring Fair at the NEC to find lots more goodies for the shop.  We will be open again as normal on Tuesday 7th Feb.


Featured Artist - Alison Jacobs

1 December 2011

Our latest featured artist is Alison Jacobs.  Alison paints mainly in acrylic, painstakingly applied in many thin layers to achieve the clean, modern look with the detail she desires. She endeavours to render realistic looking animals and avoids giving them human traits.
Alison explores ways of representing animals in a natural and engaging way to help the viewer feel they could almost be part of that moment. The animals are removed from the landscape to echo our own disassociation from food production and working animals. She was a prize winner at The Atkinson Gallery Open Exhibition at Millfield School in 2007 and the Bockingfords postcard competition 2009. She is a member of Somerset Art Works and the Gallery4Art group.

Calf 7 - £250

1. How would you describe your work.

I'm a fine artist specialising in painting animals in acrylic. I like to transform work-a-day animals into heroic paintings with a
contemporary twist.

2. What inspires you?

I live and work on a National Nature Reserve adjoining traditional English farmed countryside. The variety of landscape, farm animals and
wildlife I find here gives me constant interest and subjects to paint. Everything around me excites my creativity.

3.  Can you describe your technique(s) and how you work?

I enjoy all different kinds of image making but the animal paintings I am known for are the result of painstaking application of thin layers
(or glazes) of acrylic paint. I look to the old masters and try and emulate their techniques whilst adding my own stamp.

4.  Tell us about where you work.

My shed studio, homage to Prospect Cottage Dungeness but in a remote location on Bridgwater Bay. Creative Boom has craking feature about my shed including great shot by photographer Andrew Hobbs. 

5. And finally, just for fun, what is your favourite word, and why!

'Beautiful’ because it is and it is why I paint.


Featured Artists - Dorcas Phillips

18 November 2011

Over the last few months we have been holding mini interviews with our artists, and over the coming weeks we will be sharing these with you. It is really interesting to find out more about our artists, their work and what inspires them, we're sure you'll find them interesting too.  

Our first featured artist is Dorcas Phillips. Dorcas is 21 years old and is a recent Fashion Graduate specialising in Footwear from the University of Northampton. Dorcas is currently working for Clarks Head office in Street, Somerset. Pieces of work shown at Ginger Fig began with part of her final major project for the National Diploma in Textiles, which she undertook at Somerset College 3 years ago, titled Memories and Souvenirs. She took the idea of the typical British beach holiday to capture the fun and excitement of a traditional holiday in a way that could be remembered forever. Dorcas works with paper and recycled fabrics, over the last 3 years her range of subjects has broadened to incorporate cars, cats, flowers, boats and most successfully the ‘Time for Tea’ Collection. August 2011 saw her first street fayre with Bath Place, she has also produced several private commissions alongside the gallery pieces at Ginger Fig, the collection is constantly updated so keep and eye in the Gallery for the latest pieces.

1. How would you describe your work?

I would say very unique, I try to reflect myself and personality through my work, I’m very creative and love texture and colour and I try to put this through all my work. But most of all I like it to be fun!

2. What inspires you?

I am inspired by things I have experienced, memories, my family, and friends. I have really discovered my flair for creativity since college and university really pushed me to aspire to achieve more. I like to draw and my work really reflects my illustration style quite free and imperfect.

3. Can you describe your technique(s) and how you work?

I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to creativity I like happy experiments sometimes they provide success sometimes they as disastrous but that’s part of the fun! I don’t often plan my work I just get spur of the moment ideas and try them out I try to use materials I find rather than go and buy things just to make something. I like the quirkiness of recycling old things and I love a bit of glitter and bright colour!!

4. Tell us about where you work.

I currently work for Clarks I graduated July 2010 and managed to get my dream job. I am on a 2 year training scheme to be a range manager for the sports range, which is a learning curve for me as I’m not particularly sporty! This new job is a whole new adventure for my I am learning so much about how the shoe industry really works and Clarks are providing so many amazing experiences. All my work for ginger fig is done in my spare time I do it to keep me occupied at the weekends!

5. And finally, just for fun, what is your favourite word, and why!

Chocolate- because its associated with lots of nice things!!!


Find us on Facebook

18 November 2011

We now have a fabulous Facebook page, do take a few moments to have a look, and of course, like us if you wish!  We aim to keep our Facebook page updated with all the goings on in the shop & gallery. Do let us know what you would like to see more of. With the run up to Christmas, we will also be sharing some gift ideas, so do watch that space if you are in need of some inspiration.

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